The city of Shoreview, Minn., a suburb of St. Paul, was faced with the decision of how to replace the residential streets that ran alongside Lake Owasso.

Recently, the city installed about three-quarters of a mile of pervious pavement over five streets along the east shore of Lake Owasso. The 20-foot-wide roads were repaved with 7 inches of pervious concrete atop 18 to 36 inches of granular subbase. It's the largest pervious concrete roadway project placed to date.

There were no storm sewers in the area and the city could no longer allow direct discharge into the lake. Pervious concrete became the best solution.

To place the concrete, North Country Concrete, Ramsey, Minn., used an Allen Engineering, Paragould, Ark., roller screed outfitted with two rollers—the first to screed and the second to compact the pervious concrete. An operator rides the machine so there is no bull work to move it along. The contractor used enhanced curing blankets to achieve wet curing of the slab immediately after screeding and compaction.

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