Stairs, and vertical and horizontal surfaces were completed cleanly up to other surfaces. Contractor Shawn Wardall placed some of his ultra lightweight concrete on elevated wood decks.

"This project was like being a kid in a candy store," Wardall says. "Six thousand feet of interior floors to stain and seal, and another 1600 outside to match."

"This ready-mix concrete had to weigh ±100 pounds per cubic foot dry weight. When stained, it had to match the look of the traditional mix used on the slab on grade a year and a half earlier, by differant parties. We also had to hide all the white beads that made up the floor, to get the light weight. Control joints were cut to match other architectural lines, and filled."

Wardall was subsequently awarded the countertops in the kitchen, master bath, and powder room. A custom color was developed for both cast in place and precast methods. The contractor additionally furnished and installed a custom integrally colored and polished master bath floor that transitions into the shower. Wardall says the project compressed eight months of work into six. Most of the work was completed with two or three men on a daily basis, and six to eight on the few days he poured.

"The challanges were numerous on this one-of-a-kind home, and I have an extra gray hair or two to prove it," Wardall says. "There are no straight lines of any size, and the site was its own unique challange as most lake homes are. A happy client, and some very awesome sunsets, top this off."