Any concrete polishing contractor can attest to how challenging a job can be. But when an owner wants “the greenest house possible,” the stakes get raised even higher. The concrete floor would be an integral part of achieving this goal.

Transitions Polishing and Grinding (TPG) installed 2435 square feet of polished and honed concrete in a 6-Star energy-rated and internationally acclaimed private home. This included living areas, bathrooms, a theater room, study, and gymnasium, in addition to an outdoor entertainment area, pool surround, staircase, concrete garden tiles, and bench seats.

Early in the planning process, TPG was consulted on an environmentally friendly concrete mix design. The result was a special mix that contained a reduced amount of cement, substituted with waste byproducts such as slag and fly ash.

TPG used onsite solar power to run its equipment and grind the floors dry. This not only saved water usage, but also reduced carbon dioxide emissions, as there was no requirement to transport waste materials or operate a combustible generator.

All of the waste created from dry-grinding was used as landfill onsite. Sealers and adhesives were environmentally friendly and low VOC. External finishes were UV-stable to withstand the harsh sunlight and were also slip-resistant.

The concrete was white with light aggregate. This, along with a high-gloss finish, enhanced light reflectivity and reduced the need for powered lighting during the day.

Polished concrete floors are durable and low maintenance, which provide environmental benefits. The residents will enjoy an environmentally friendly floor for years to come without sacrificing aesthetic appeal or functionality.

This project was an entry in the 2012 Concrete Surfaces Polished Concrete Awards. For more on the contractor, visit