Graded and formed pool house with ½" steel rebar and 12" forms including setting of water lines and drainage for bathroom.  Pool house color is Rosemary.  Formed 2' border around pool with cantilever edge and fire pit with gas line.  Border and fire pit color is green (color name Olive - Integral Solomon color).  Border is 6" thick and fire pit 5" thick.  Poured and stamped skimmer top as well.

Formed pool deck (approximately 1,700 sq. ft.) and doweled into border and fire pit with 3/8" steel rebar.  Deck is just shy of 6" thick.  Taped edge of border, pool house and fire pit to create nice clean edge.  Installed drain joint between pool house and pool deck. Strip forms, grinded edges for smoothness, layout expansion and cut expansion joints manually, power wash and clean deck, antique (to bring out highlight contrast) and seal.

All work Belgium Slate pattern stamped concrete.  5' x 5' mats. All ground is power tamped prior to installing steel.  Wheel barrow all concrete.  Jitterbug, float and bull float concrete.  Used 6-20' screed, place between pool and outside form to alleviate any holes or dips.  All concrete is troweled before stamping.