An imaginative design concept by an architect has produced the West Coast's first all-concrete structure wholly supported by cables, providing a new type gymnasium and field house with a completely column free interior, lowered heating costs and easier and more economical maintenance. The selection of a cable suspended roof system on pre-stressed concrete pylons was based on a number of considerations, many of them applicable to building construction everywhere. By reversing the more conventional trend and dramatically revealing the structure on the exterior of the building the designer achieved an interesting alternative to the "big barn" appearance which normally results when so much net space must be enclosed. This decision, of course, also eliminated extra high exterior wall as well as any need for heating and lighting of the 40 percent additional space which would have resulted from the use or truss or arch designs. Total wall height was reduced about 14 feet. The design also encouraged the use of controlled daylight through the installation of skylights and a system of automatic louvers controlled by photoelectric cells which close or open in response to the amount of light falling on the roof.