Here is one of our latest retroplate diamond-polished, acid-stain jobs. It was for a client that asked for a polished floor that looked like a real wood boat deck.

ModernCrete spent a long time putting all of the grain in the floor with acid stains. The owner even made the barstools out of real fighting chairs that come on sport fishing boats.

This was all done with HTC Superfloor system using Retroplate by Advanced Floor Products. The project took a total of two weeks to complete. ModernCrete used a three-person crew to diamond polish the floor and two artisans to complete the detailed stain work.

The floor was located in the party barn, a house in La Grange, Texas. Far enough away from civilization, the crew had to camp at the jobsite to maximize time and save driving time each day. ModernCrete stained each plank and then moved around on each plank so that the grain wasn't the same on any two planks.