The finalists of The Nationals

The National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) 2009 National Sales and Marketing Awards Finalists recently were announced. The award program recognizes superior new home sales and marketing achievements in 63 categories across various disciplines of the new home industry. The awards honor excellence in product and community design, advertising, marketing, and sales achievements by individuals and sales teams Winners will be announced at an Awards Gala held on Jan. 20 at Caesar's Palace during the 2009 International Builders' Show in Las Vegas. A complete list of finalists can be found at

Infrastructure funding could create jobs

Chief economist Ed Sullivan of the Portland Cement Association believes if significant dollars are allotted for infrastructure improvements, jobs at both local and state levels could be created. "Infrastructure funding could create jobs on both an immediate and long-term basis," Sullivan says. "For every 10 construction jobs created by a project, the community gains 17 additional jobs that stay in the region even after a project's completion." The PCA stresses that higher-quality materials need to be used in new building and repair projects to stabilize the economic situation. "If we used concrete instead of asphalt for all new roads built between now and 2015, state governments could save more than $100 billion during the life of the roads," Sullivan adds. "This means more money for local economies that can go to schools, police, and other public services." Visit for more.

Support for housing

The Fix Housing First is pushing for a housing recovery plan that will revive the economy. Spearheaded by the National Association of Home Builders, this large coalition of housing advocates consisting of 600 home building companies and manufacturers is campaigning for a major stimulus package to stem the decline in home values, stabilize financial markets, and reignite consumer demand. In addition, it urges Congress to support enhancements to the home buyer tax credit and provide below-market 30-year fixed-rate mortgages for home purchases. For more information, visit