A Fort Worth, Texas company says it provides solutions for several problems that plague building contractors today. For example, it furnishes a marketing program that keeps contractors busy in a time when building starts are few. It supplies a tried and proven building system that has established itself as being economical. These services are part of a franchise package that also includes access to thousands of exclusive building plans and specifications. Another important part of the package is the availability of continuing research and development of building construction materials and methods. Concrete Construction magazine obtained information on this franchised building system from the founder, marketing director, and national franchise director.

Q. What makes your building system unique? A. At the heart of our method of construction is a patented precast, reinforced, lightweight concrete wall panel. Each panel is formed with a channel steel frame which becomes an integral part of the concrete panel and provides much of the structural integrity of the wall system. Panels are completely loadbearing, thus eliminating on-site structural steelwork, concrete columns or pilasters. The proprietary steel framing procedure also allows complete building design flexibility because there are no limitations regarding the size or shape of a panel. Not only can we do the 100,000-square-foot jobs and multistory projects economically, but we can do small structures that are only 400 or 1000 square feet.

Q. How are the wall panels erected? A. At the jobsite, panels are craned into position and welded to the foundation and to each other. Proprietary erection techniques reduce erection time to days instead of costly weeks or months.