Affordable housing might become a reality with the use of site-cast ready mixed concrete as the primary building material. One method that uses local ready mixed concrete to cast the complete home shell in concrete is now available for building two- or three-bedroom homes, duplexes, and condominiums. The formwork, light enough to be hand set, consists of welded, precision-manufactured aluminum panels that small local crews can set up in two to three days and subsequently pour an entire dwelling unit monolithically.

The foundation is prepared with plumbing stubs and reinforcing dowels embedded for connection of the walls to come. Aluminum wall forms are hand set, one panel at a time. Adjoining panels are connected by steel pins and wedges or aligner clips. Openings for doors and windows are formed by prefabricated reusable blockouts custom made to exact opening sizes. Ready mixed concrete, usually 2500- or 300- psi compressive strength, is placed by crane and bucket, conveyor, or pump. All interior and exterior walls as well as the roof are placed in a single continuous pour, with vibration to consolidate the concrete as the pour progresses. Under normal working conditions, construction should be completed within 30 days or less.