Project Details

Project Location: Dover Heights, Sydney, Australia
Contractor: Honestone, Tuggerah, New South Wales, Australia (Facebook)
Architect/designer: Sam Crawford Architects
General contractor: SQ Projects
Amount of polished concrete: 861 square feet
Size of building/project: Two-story home

Australia’s polished concrete overlay market still being in its infancy called for a huge leap of faith by Sam Crawford Architects and the Atkins family for this project. Honestone however, relishes this kind of challenge.

The Atkins residential project, in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Dover Heights, included the complete remodeling of the home’s ground level. The design involved stripping out and realigning walls to introduce a new layout to the entry, living, kitchen, dining, and laundry areas.

Polished concrete flooring was desired in the kitchen, living, and dining room areas of the house. But the existing conditions prohibited using a traditional polished slab at 3 inches.

Construction contractor SQ Projects manager Matt Sidoti said, “In terms of the product, it was on par.” He also commented, despite some construction issues, the project was successful and that Honestone’s quality and workmanship was well above average. The clients were extremely happy with the results.

Careful planning was needed to ensure maximum access for the Honestone crew of the entire area during the 10 days. An essential component included combating other trades, in this case primarily the installation of the kitchen frame, benchtop, and feature timber feet.

Some areas of the substrate required corrective leveling, so Honestone used a rapid-cure, high early-strength screed which enabled us to meet the builder’s tight time frame.

With the growing sustainability trend, using natural pebble and marble on this project enhanced Honestone’s environmental compliance.

“The whole space is absolutely stunning,” said Mrs. Atkins. “The workmanship is flawless, looks great, and is functional. I could not be happier. Honestone was exceptionally professional and Rick and the team were great, polite and worked very hard on our house. Thank you.”