An arcade lake plaza and adjoining walkways at City Place I, and office building in Creve Coeur, Missouri, was transformed from plain concrete into decorative paving by precise execution of architect Robert L. Boland's concepts. The outdoor patio features banded areas integrated with diagonally scored square fields. The fields were colored with a dark gray dry shake and given a light broomed finish.

The first step in construction was laying out, with stringlines, the centerline and enough of the bands to make sure the scoring lines would intersect precisely. The bands are almost always poured first for decorative flatwork. But for this job, most of the scored joints were at a 45 degree angle. Where they intersected joints in the band at the edge of the field, it was easier to make joints meet by pouring the fields first. This approach also minimized concern about color contamination when the colored dry shake was applied. Workers completed the 7,100-square-foot project in about a month.