All the basic component parts of the system are made in standardized steel forms. Though the construction is not exposed to very high stresses the use of concrete with a 28 day strength of 5600 psi is prescribed. Production has been successfully organized in the open air on building sites, though components have more commonly been made in products plants, where it is possible to use the forms twice a day if accelerated curing and a three shift labor force are employed. Columns, edge girders, and other parts are produced in the usual manner for fabrication in steel forms. The concrete can be placed and internally vibrated or can be placed on vibrating tables. The waffle floor slabs are produced in special forms form which they are ejected by hydraulic jacks. The forms do not move from their places, but the concrete is placed, steam cured under cover and ejected. The simplicity and small number of the shear walls required no particular organization for their production. The placing is performed on vibrating tables and accelerated curing has been accomplished in lots of tree floor slabs or columns under movable chamber covers electrically heated. Low material and labor costs are the greatest advantages offered by the system. High quality material, as for prestressed concrete, is often used. All of the components parts have an elegant look and are relatively light in weight. The light weight makes the cost of transport from products plants and the cost of foundation quite low.