Using a combination of forming systems-a modular hand-set system and flying form tables-the concrete contractor for the new twin-tower Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Fla., was able to top out the reinforced-concrete structural frame in only 19 months.

The 39-story twin hotel towers, which rise from a four-story podium housing public rooms and dining facilities, are joined at floors 10 to 12 by four 35-ton steel trusses. Spanning between the towers, the truss bridge creates an 8-story open portal below and supports 20 stories of hotel rooms above, where the structure is framed in concrete.

The contractor, Form Works Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., originally proposed a construction schedule of one floor every 4 days, but the owner wanted a floor completed every 2 days. They finally reached a practical compromise: a 3-day cycle. To maintain the construction schedule, crews pumped the concrete using a placing boom. Two tower cranes, one for each tower, and several mobile cranes on the ground were also used on the job.