Project Details

Project Location: Southlake, Texas
Contractor, Architect/designer, General/Concrete contractor: Mark Womack, Monster Constructors, Southlake, Texas (Facebook)
Amount of polished concrete: 207 SF
Size of building/project: 8 countertops

2016 Readers' Choice Winner
This project is the result of an enthusiastic relationship with a repeat client and her dream for the ultimate kitchen. Working closely with her vision and the design of the cabinets' craftsman, eight surfaces were produced that melded dream with reality. Great art typically evokes great challenges. One challenge was the size of the kitchen island: 11-foot, 6-inch by 5-foot by 3-inch of seamless beauty weighing about 1,400 pounds. This magnificent culinary beauty demanded certain considerations upon installation, not only for transportation purposes but for entry into the client's front door. A special rolling tilt table that could handle the tremendous weight was designed and fabricated.

The innovative design acted as a casting table and mode for transporting. It was designed to allow tilting at such a degree that clearing a 42-inch-wide front door was possible. The idea of the island was to create a centerpiece by coalescing recycled crushed mirror glass and a custom color which would complement the kitchen's cabinetry and design elements.

The remaining seven pieces surround the perimeter of the kitchen and feature a neutral color with a sand finish. An 87- by 28-inch pass-through counter displays a sea green stone vein immersed in mother of pearl traveling throughout. Its generous size makes it a perfect serving surface between the kitchen and formal dining room. Below the pass-through on the kitchen side is another large surface whose 10-foot, 1-inch by 28-inch size allows for even more serving and preparation area.

The homeowner's desire to include a 4-foot undermount galley sink in the 11-foot, 5-inch by 30-inch counter leaves more than ample space. The 11-foot 9-inch by 18-inch dining bar above the sink is a striking conversation piece. It wows with six swirling place settings made of Brazilian aggregate enhanced with mother of pearl. This beautiful and functional surface between the kitchen and family room makes for the perfect place to commune.

For an early morning ritual or after-hours finale, a 74- by 26-inch coffee bar headlining an integral ramp sink is provided. The sink hides an amazing surprise to the unaware guest as they are treated to a collection of exotic stones such as Tiger Eye, Brazilian aggregate, and sea green stone, which are all inlaid within the base of the sink.

The workmanship of this project is proven by overcoming challenges and is a testament to the integrity of the proprietary in-house mix design. The integrity of the mix design is evident by having all eight pieces seamless, creating a gallery of visual sleekness.

All the countertops, including two small 43- by 30-inch surfaces on either side of the cooktop/grill, were polished to perfection and then meticulously sealed to withstand typical culinary conditions.

The heart of the home is the kitchen. This home has a Heart of Concrete.