Nowadays, few people want plain concrete walls in residential construction, but adding a facing to a plain wall—whether it is siding, stone, or stucco—costs money. With formliners, the cost of providing a finished surface on a concrete wall is nearly eliminated. Common formliners for residential work include brick or dimensional stone, which are available from manufacturers in single- or multiple-use varieties. Formliners also offer the opportunity to provide a look that would be impossible or cost-prohibitive otherwise.

With cast-in-place walls, formliners offer unmatched speed; forms are positioned and concrete is placed. No new trade is required to get the desired finish, though it is possible to treat the wall with stains for added detail. Even this is fast and easy.

Formliners offer design latitude

High-relief formliners add beauty

Formliners for architectural concrete

Modular pool-forming system 

High-performance formliners

Decorative formliner