Despite a local shortage of concrete, Haws & Tingle General Contractors succeeded in placing a massive 110,000-square-foot warehouse floor in a continuous 22-hour pour. Just 14 workers with one laser screed were able to place up to 180 yards of concrete per hour.

Precise planning was critical to the success of the placement, part of the construction of a 1.2-million-square-foot building complex in Grand Prairie, Texas. To speed floor installation and ensure top-quality performance, the contractor used a high-performance concrete containing steel fibers and a superplasticizer. In addition to ensuring that enough concrete, ready-mix trucks, and drivers would be available to complete the entire pour, the contractor devised an innovative solution for efficiently dispensing superplasticizer and steel fibers into the concrete trucks. A three-bay dispensing platform was constructed onsite so workers could dispense the superplasticizer and dump the fibers, premeasured in boxes, directly into three trucks simultaneously.