Masking patterns
The company offers intricate patterns in a wide range of styles and themes, cut from a range of single-use adhesive materials. The products enable creation of precise patterns with various techniques-staining, etching, spraying, and more. Modello Designs. 800-663-3860.

Vertical wall systems
Create a natural stone look with the Cantera Vertical Wall Systems, consisting of the vertical wall mix and stamping tools. The mix is a polymer-modified cementitious topping for resurfacing vertical surfaces, including concrete, drywall, cement board, masonry, and stone. The overlay is suitable for stamping with the company's wall stamping tools. Cured material is weather- and freeze/thaw-resistant. Butterfield Color Inc. 800-282-3388.

High-gloss sealer
Acrylic-epoxy VOC 93 clear sealer creates a protective shield over concrete and the company's overlayments. It resists oils, stains, and most chemicals on interior or exterior concrete. Use on new or existing concrete, exposed aggregate, and a range of decorative and stamped surfaces. Super-Krete International Inc. 800-995-1716.

Compact grinder
Used for concrete cleaning and preparation for overlays and coatings, the BGS-250 grinder can also be used for the removal of mastics, epoxies, urethane, paint, and other coatings. It features a compact design with a low horsepower motor for small to medium surface preparation jobs. The grinder is equipped with a 110 V, 15-amp motor that allows operators to use the machine indoors with a household electrical circuit. Blastrac. 800-256-3440.

Exterior coating
StoCoat Lotusan is an exterior coating with a self-cleaning effect. It is highly resistant to mold, mildew, and algae and offers weather and chalk resistance. Used for both new construction and recoat projects over concrete, stucco, EIFS, and fiber cement board substrates, it incorporates high water vapor permeability. It has a smooth matte surface and is available in 38 standard colors. Sto Corp. 800-221-2397.

Air barrier
GreenGuard MAX Building Wrap is an air barrier material that acts as a secondary weather barrier that resists water that has penetrated exterior siding or cladding. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, it has a breathable coating that allows moisture vapor to escape. It is available in various-sized rolls including, 9x100 ft., 9x150 ft., and 10x150 ft. Pactiv Corp. 888-828-2850.