Location: Glendale, Ariz.
Contractor: Progressive Concrete Works Inc., Phoenix

A variety of stamped concrete patterns, textures, and colors were chosen for this 90,596-square-foot multi-use center. The decorative team incorporated multiple patterns and color combinations to achieve the desired ambiance. The plaza and pedestrian walkways used patterns and textures such as slate, granite, and a custom pattern of 12-inch tile with insets of 5-inch sandblasted squares.

Stamped and colored accent bands were used near the fountain and tree perimeters, as well as additional paths and sidewalks.

According to Mike Riggs, owner of Progressive Concrete, the goal was to use decorative concrete to create a distinctive facility with detailed concrete. He assisted the architects and designers to help integrate creativity into the hardscape designs by including intricate patterns and textures for the concrete courtyard and plaza.