If you have the urge to own a home and/or a boat with distinctive design you might try a do-it-yourself project similar to that achieved by Dr. Robert Meier of Salem, New Hampshire,. He designed and constructed the HERETIC, an 80 foot long ferrocement proa-type sailboat having generous living quarters as well as stability under adverse wind conditions, speed under sail and forward-reverse capability. The main hull of the HERETIC contains an uninterrupted 50 feet of living space for use as a year around home for Dr. and Mrs. Meier. Built over a 4 year period at the Meiers' residence in Salem, the HERETIC has six individual sections of ferrocement construction: a small hull, two 45 foot struts, a main hull and the main hull's two prows. These prows rise up from the main hull deck about 10 feet and, with the help of the two prows of the small hull give the boat an amazing amount of reserve buoyancy. The masts rise 57 feet up from the main hull deck and in turn are attached at the top to the smaller hull by the means of diagonal support structures. The combination of masts, diagonal supports and struts form a triangles that strengthen the link between the two hulls.