Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Contractor: Liquid Stone Studios, Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada

This decorative concrete project at the Leduc Residence includes kitchen countertops, as well as a decorative island. Features include a recessed cutting board, sloped integral drain board, sloped dish and custom stainless steel soap grid, and decorative stainless inlays. The decorative inlays in the island top and corner panel—each poured in one piece—were inspired by stained glass partitions, located elsewhere in the Leduc house. Stones and fossils provided by the family were sliced, sanded flat, and shaped as needed to place into the molds and held in place by a thin coating of silicone.

Ian Wyndlow, owner and principal of Liquid Stone Studios, used a 2:2:1 mix with 1/4-inch aggregate, concrete sand, Type 3 portland cement, metakaolin, fly ash, and silica fume that equaled a total cement replacement of 32%. Water reducer/plasticizer, integral color, and fibers also were incorporated into the mix. Reverse molds were made, the concrete poured and vibrated, wet cured for three days, and then stripped and diamond ground before sealing with a reactive lithium sealer.

The project also features a decorative concrete corner panel and concrete kicks.