The hysteria about a nuclear attack has set many citizens to thinking about fallout shelters. Somehow the fallout shelter has become a symbol of preparedness and security. Some authorities see the shelter as the only reasonable defense against a nuclear attack. In some circles it is even looked upon as the very guardian of civilization itself. But are shelters really the answer to a nuclear attack? Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb, is unequivocally pro-shelter. He predicts 9 out of 10 persons would survive a nuclear attack if they were in a shelter. Alvin M Weinburg disagrees. He sees private shelters as an ethical issue. If the need arose, what would keep someone from taking a gun and forcing the occupant out of his shelter? Most high level spokesman when speaking about the fallout protection are envisioning a public shelter. Many cities such as Livermore, CA, are already building massive public shelters for all of its citizens. Public buildings such as Rockefeller Center have shelters built into their structure. If the homeowners, however, is going to build a shelter he should make sure that it has good ventilation and adequate waste disposal.