Unique Concrete was selected for this project because our approach was both decorative and cost effective. The other products considered included real stone set in a concrete base (which we were half the cost of) and pavers, which are not as stable as our product and require more maintenance over time, each of these two alternatives required the existing concrete to be removed. The project was over 2300 sq. ft., so the labor and recycling costs would have been substantial.

We first determined the existing concrete to be upportive enough to provide a base for our heavily reinforced, unbonded concrete overlay that would be patterned to emulate a fieldstone. This pattern choice was random enough to work with the different areas to provide continuity over all three aspects of the project. Entire project was completed over the course of 2 1/2 weeks.

Our Process

We create an unbonded cast in place concrete tile or stone. Our high performance concrete is mixed on site by a crew of 4. We use integral synthetic iron oxides rather than dry shake to provide a long lasting color. We also use a high range water reducer as well as internal water repellant to create an extremely durable product. All of the concrete is reinforced with wire mesh, 1/2" steel rods, 2 1/4" structural synthetic fibers, and 3/4" PVA fibers. This surface is a minimum of 1 1/2" thick and designed to react independently from the existing concrete. Impressions are placed in the concrete creating a cast-in-place concrete tile or stone. Each of the impressions in the concrete act as a geometrically patterned crack control system. The concrete surfaces are textured to provide slip resistance as well as visual interest. Unlike texture mats, we can increase or decrease the texture at our discretion. All of the impressions are grouted to complete the look of a custom concrete tile or stone. The entire surface is rubbed with a grindstone to eliminate any sharp edges that might be uncomfortable for barefoot traffic. Finally an acrylic cure and seal is sprayed on the entire surface to provide stain resistance and a satin sheen. The extensive reinforcement, both horizontally and three dimensionally, is a major benefit of our type of resurfacing.

1) Pool area: The original three feet of concrete around the pool, which was in relatively good condition, had been complimented with an add-on that had settled severely and cracked in numerous places. On jobs like this we routinely recommend that the pool lines be replaced so that the homeowners can have peace of mind for many years to come. These repairs and the unsafe trip step created by the sunken concrete left an area in dire need of a facelift. Our solution was to create an unbonded, cast in place concrete stone coping and fieldstone field area that was reinforced with wire mesh, 1/2" steel rods, 2 1/4" structural synthetic fibers, and 3/4" PVA fibers. The home owners also had a raised patio that was supported by a crumbling rock wall. The rock wall was rebuilt in a rustic manner to match the existing walls around the property, and then the patio was resurfaced. This added strength and beauty, but most importantly prevented water from getting behind the wall to cause further damage.

2)Patio by the house: This area was poured level and had settled towards the house and cracked as a result. The settling was severe enough to create poor drainage and the need for an additional step into the house. The homeowners wanted to enlarge the patio by extending it over to the shed and further away from the house. We accomplished this by splicing new slabs onto the existing concrete. Before we resurfaced everything, we drilled 1/2" rods into the foundation. The extensive reinforcement (1/2" rods, wire mesh, 2 1/4" structural synthetic fibers, and 3/4" PVA fibers) eliminated future settling. High performance concrete was then poured incorporating pitch away from the house. This project was finished with two matching platform steps leading into the house.

3)Front sidewalk: The sidewalk was reinforced with wire mesh and the same synthetic fibers as the pool and patio. We honored the existing expansion joints in the sidewalk with decorative brick roll locks. We finished this area the same way as the previous two projects, providing visual continuity over all three areas.