Institutional Winner: Repair/Rehab

The Rotorua Energy Events Centre is a versatile, multipurpose complex on the edge of Lake Rotorua in New Zealand. Visitors enter via the Wai Ora Spa Grand Hall, which immediately captivates with its stunning contrast of contemporary architecture and elements of traditional Maori design. The Grand Wai Ora Hall embodies bold colors, huge carved doors, and a unique illuminated Maori ‘pou’ (pole) that acknowledges the strength of the city’s Maori affiliations. This city building is the pride of Rotorua and meticulous care is taken to ensure it presents a positive image.

However, after four years the original floor finish (polyurethane coating with a nonslip grit additive) had become very dull and dirty. Surface deterioration was detracting from the building’s appeal, and the floor was becoming expensive to maintain.

The city council wanted to retain polished concrete flooring, but demanded a higher performance solution. It requested a system that would improve the floor’s aesthetics, durability, and life cycle, and minimize maintenance costs. Sigma Consultants was contracted to research appropriate systems, specify and then put the project out to bid.

The specification called for Husqvarna Hiperfloor Premium (3000-grit finish). During bidding, applicants were requested to submit their methodology and they were evaluated on their capacity to ensure the complicated project could be undertaken between bookings, thus minimizing any disruption to preplanned events. Polished Concrete Limited was awarded the job. The project required the contractor to complete 17,222 square feet of floor area in 10 days, however Polished Concrete completed the project in seven days, including replacing nearly a mile of specialist joint repair system (Metzger McGuire RS88 polyurea jointing from Lesa Systems).

Upon project completion, Husqvarna representatives from Australasia requested to use this project’s photos in their global marketing of Hiperfloor Premium. The Rotorua District council touts the project as superseding any of its expectations, which in turn, has increased the quality and value of the Energy Events Centre.