The concrete floor of this 40,000-square-foot boutique grocery store and café was under concrete from start to finish. It is a terrific example of what can be accomplished when the facility owner actually takes complete control of the construction process and sets up accountability across the board.

Prep and Polish Consultants LLC oversaw all aspects of this project, from mix design, concrete placement, finishing technique, and curing method to polishing method and maintenance training. The contractor used Slab Armor from MultiQuip during the place-and-finish process to allow a non-film-forming cure, which created an incredibly dense surface to polish. It gave polishing contractor Ultimate Flooring Concepts a harder floor to work with, so that the cream polishing would go much smoother.

This concrete floor was not just polished, it was "built" to require the least amount of maintenance possible in a retail setting. While nothing is perfect, the concrete contractor says, “we were able to get very close, and we were also able to learn how to do even better on the next round of new stores.”

Video of the project.