Edwards Concrete Company had several challenges and obstacles with this project that we had to overcome.  Scheduling was difficult, due to the fact that day time operation in the stoare were never suspended,  we had to complete all work during night shift hours.  Edwards Concrete's scope of work included 102,000 sqft of diamond polished concrete with HTC polish equipment and a countless number of 80-1500 grit metal diamonds, which consisted of 2,049 labor man hours, 200 gallons of Prosoco Consolideck Densifier, 70 gallons of Prosoco Consolideck Stain Guard, 110 gallons of Versaflex.    The store had to move 3000 sqft to 5000 sqft of isles each night after the store closed so that we could polish those sections and get the isles moved back in place for the store to open the next morning. The electician on the project had to run the electric cords that powered our equipment through the rafters in the ceiling to get to the stores power supply.  The general contractor had to clean out the control joints on the floor daily so that we could come in and replace the joints with Versaflex.  A Walmart representative came out to the store to test are work, and was very pleased with the results.  The easiest part on this project was working with the store managers and Project coordinators, who's communication and coordination helped make the project run smoothly.