Decorative concrete is not a trend, but an industry that is here to stay.  For years, Stain & Stamp's design consultants helped their clients make selections by using color charts, portfolio books, and eventually a website.  Although those tools were useful at the time, they fade in comparison to what Stain & Stamp is offering their clients now.

Showrooms are advertised everywhere: TV, radio, magazine articles, etc.  It's where you go pick out your tile, wood, carpet & blinds.  But where do you go to touch, see and walk on samples when you are trying to make a decision about decorative concrete?  Stain & Stamp, Inc. now has your solution if you live or pass through the Central Texas area. 

Stain & Stamp teamed with Discount Floor store owner, Keith Richburg to launch the Top Shop in Waco, TX.  Not only can you make your selections for extraordinary granite pieces, you can easily decide which option you would like for stained, stamped and custom scored concrete.  Want to know what your pool deck will feel like on your feet?  Take your shoes off and walk bare foot on our samples.  Want to see how easily messes can be cleaned up on an interior stained floor?  Spill something, we'll clean it up and you can watch in amazement.  A floor that's great for kids!  This showroom definitely beats the ordinary website gallery or portfolio book, no question.

Featured in the Top Shop are several Butterfield stamped patterns, including slate, cobblestone, heavy stone texture and more.  Custom stained and scored tile and wood plank patterns are also showcased in both Kemiko and Butterfield acid stain colors.  Modello borders and engraved rock patterns and emblems by engrave-a-crete are another main attraction.  The entire project was completed in seven days and required the unique work of five of Stain & Stamp's decorative concrete artisans.

Our builders and clients have expressed how much easier it is to make their selections and are excited to send clients to us.  Not only does it make the selection process easier on the builder, but it assures the client of the result. 

With the success of the Waco showroom, Stain & Stamp's second showroom, located in Belton, TX is in the works and will announce its grand opening as it launches in 2010.