A storage facility in Arizona wanted to do 100,000 square foot facility with cutting edge technology and sustainability. No one in the area has done anything like this at this size. The owner liked the light reflection benefits that polished concrete had to offer. We had to complete our work before the roof was put on because the architect designed the facility to finish the floors before the 800 rooms and roof went up. Upon completion of the floors and room installation, the facility was drenched with two weeks worth of rain with the roof off. They couldn't pump the water out fast enough so the PH from the rain etched and damaged the floors, ruining our work. We learned our lesson the hard way - we need to be more cautious about the elements. When the rain subsided, we cleaned the floors, got rid of the mud, and repolished the hallways and floors at cost. The owner was extremely happy with our services.

Contractor: Yezco