Who could have imagined the penthouse of a 25 story high rise building in Atlanta flooding? But that’s exactly what happened at the Museum Tower Condominiums. Overlooking Centennial Olympic Park and the skyline of downtown Atlanta, the post-tensioned concrete structure is a signature property constructed in 2002. In 2011, a water line servicing the fire sprinklers ruptured, cascading thousands of gallons of water over the 25th floor.

This unfortunate occurrence provided a wonderful opportunity for the concrete craftsmen of Middle Georgia Concrete Constructors and CSolutions. The existing wood flooring had buckled and warped as a result of the flooding, so the owners of the unit decided it was time to think outside of the conventional flooring realm and approach Middle Georgia Concrete Constructors/CSolutions about installing a surface seeded polished concrete flooring system. The owners had seen previous installations and were exited to create their own custom finish.

The process starts with an initial consultation where aggregate and glass colors are chosen and the color of the overlay is decided. Sample panels were then cast and polished for owner approval before installation. Upon receipt of owner approval, the approximately 1400-sq.-ft. unit was overlayed with ½ in. of integrally colored CTS Rapid-Set Tru self-leveling floor topping. Immediately after screeding, the floor was seeded with a custom blend of granite aggregate, recycled glass, and crushed mirror. Once the floor cured, crews exposed the surface seeded materials by wet-grinding the floor with 30-grit metal bond abrasives and continued the refinement of the floor with sequentially finer and finer diamond abrasives. During the final stages of polishing, the floor was treated with three applications of Consolideck LS densifier and burnished with a high-speed buffer.

Because the main living area was surrounded by glass, the appearance of the floor varied throughout the day In each lighting condition, different characteristics, both desirable and undesirable, came to light which made quality control difficult. This, along with having to carry all necessary materials, tools, equipment, and debris up and down 25 stories of a finished residential tower were the primary challenges faced on this project. The final product is something both the owners and the installers are proud of and we look forward to future installations.