Southland Concrete Creations recently completed the concrete floors of the new Tampa Museum of Art building on Ashley Street in downtown Tampa. The general contractor, Skanska, in cooperation with Horus, placed their trust in Southland to deliver the interior and exterior white concrete.

For the interior concrete, we poured a 3-inch white concrete overlay that was specially designed and finished in order to maximize the amount of aggregate that stayed at the surface. The concrete was then sawcut using a Soff-Cut machine to within 1/8 inch of architectural layout.

We then used large HTC 800 machines using three-phase 480 power to grind the concrete to expose the natural aggregate in the concrete. The concrete was densified using Scofiled's Formula One lithium densifier then honed to a 200 diamond-grit finish. Two coats of Scofield Formula One Finish Coat was applied then burnished using a high-speed burnisher with CPS diamond pads. This provided the architect with an understated satin-type finish so as not to draw attention to the floors and allow the art to be the focal point.

The exterior concrete was poured using the same concrete and finishing steps but rather then grinding to a 200-grit finish, we kept it at a 60-grit finish and applied Scofield Ropello penetrating sealer.

The floors at the Tampa Museum of Art are a testament to how a beautiful, durable, economical, and sustainable floor can be provided using a combination of unique concrete finishing practices and experienced concrete grinding and polishing techniques that Southland Concrete Creations can provide.