Since New Zealand’s Tasti, a baking goods and snack foods manufacturer, opened its doors during the Great Depression, the company has been single-minded about hunting down the best quality ingredients for customers, because the best ingredients guarantee the best results. This is the same approach the Tasti team used to design its new headquarters.

The company needed a hard-wearing finish suitable for common areas, lobbies, and access routes. Polished Concrete Ltd, Albany, New Zealand, took the time to educate decision-makers about their product, which included taking them to several of the polishing contractor’s previous jobs and showing them first-hand how polished concrete holds up in high-traffic areas. After visiting the Vodafone Events Center, which is subjected to more than 1 million visitors each year, the client was sold on diamond-polished concrete. After further consultation, the design team extended the scope of work to include 9257 square feet of polished concrete flooring, using the Husqvarna Hiperfloor system.

Grinding crews spent more than 450 man-hours onsite, making sure every detail was to specification and the floors embodied the Tasti ideal. The finished floors were a hit with the Tasti executives, and have featured well in the new modern facility.