The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) – an international nonprofit organization that serves to expand and improve the use of Tilt-Up as the preferred building system – has announced the recipients of the 22nd Annual Tilt-Up Achievement Awards.

The Achievement Awards program was established by TCA to honor projects that represent an increasing diversity of building types constructed with site-cast Tilt-Up concrete as well as those that advance industry technology, apply innovative form and provide unique solutions to building programs. As in previous years, submittals were judged on aesthetic expression, schedule, size, originality, finishes and special conditions; all characteristics of the projects that would attract and hold the interest of those skeptical of the potential as well as challenging experienced professionals to broaden their ideas for potential. Ultimately, the competition is designed to raise awareness not only of the effectiveness and maturity of the market, but also the professional experience of TCA members throughout the world.

The judges for the competition represent a combination of TCA membership categories, educational institutions, publishing and industry management. For a complete list of the judges, visit here. Additionally, this year the TCA’s social media fans choose five projects as fan favorites. The fan favorite selection was open to everyone and was a separate process from the formal scoring process completed by the judges’ panel.

This year, the panel of judges recognized a total of 26 award recipients, and selected 11 overall Excellence in Achievement winners that best represent the heights the industry has attained. These projects, detailed below, exemplify the current state-of-the-art achievement in Tilt-Up construction with their unique and inventive use of the method.