Cement Elegance, Bend, Ore., used GFRC technology with fiberglass mesh on the surface and back to create the large 3/4-inch-thick facade cladding panels on this fireplace. The largest panel was 5 x 9 feet, and the floor-to-ceiling side panels were 10 feet long. A bamboo imprint in the panel to the right of the fireplace was done to complement the fireplace insert's bamboo design. This was done by carefully cutting bamboo stalks and leaves in half and attaching them to the form. Urethane adhesive and clamps were used to attach the panels to Hardibacker, and each panel was allowed to dry overnight before attaching the upper panels. Installation took three days. Seams were intentionally placed between the panels to add to the design and were left ungrouted to achieve a natural panel look. To achieve the natural cast concrete look and texture, the panels were wet sanded without exposing the fine aggregate, then sealed and dry sanded again. The complete process took eight days.