According to the client, she had been trying to find someone to realize her dream floor for years.

"I guess good things come to those who wait," Fernando Franco says.

He started with plywood and needed to come up an 1 1/2 inch to meet flush with the adjacent rooms. He preprimed the wood and stapled down metal lath using CMP Specialties LF 210 self-leveling concrete. The next day he screened the floor and primed it with Elitecrete PT-100.

Then he used electrical conduit to help chalk out the desired design. He applied multiple coats of Elitecrete Reflector, then re-sawcut the design to clean out the lines filled with epoxy. Once grouted, he applied a polyaspartic sealer with a high-wear aluminum oxide aggregate. This helped give the satin finish the client desired and at the same time afforded a quality nonslip texture that had no sharp edges and was easy to clean.

"Almost having the feel of shark skin, but barely noticable, as to not affect the overall look," Franco says.