This project is located at The Fallout's art co-op building in Studio 3, which is used for performing arts. The project involved a raised platform inside the studio designed to provide extra space for spectators. The building itself is about a century old, and the interior walls of this room are the original brick with portions of plaster remaining, which gives it an older feel. The catwalk was designed to look as if it were from the same era, and was built with a welded steel framework.

The challenge for PetroGlyphs, Forest Lake, Minn., was to create a cost-efficient yet effective floor that fit the room's style. The solution was to build a subfloor, then skim coat it with a concrete overlay with a random stone pattern. To complete the effect, the underside of the platform was given the same pattern as the upper surface before being laid in place. To further enhance the room's feel, fossils were handcarved into some of the stones, and several Celtic images were stained. Most of the stained images were done by hand, then faded to give them the appearance of age.

The process for the finished look involved applying a coat of trowel-down overlay for the grout lines. Then a second coat was trowel-applied and hand textured (no tools were used), and grout joints were handcarved to ensure that each stone was unique. The stones were then stained using four different colors of water-based stain, and grout lines were stained to further antique them. The floor was then sealed with sating polyurethane. The project took about 12 days to complete with a crew of one person, except for the two days when floor pieces were lifted into place and attached, when the crew was two to three people.