This project was done at the The Fallout's urban art center building, in a room off the art gallery. The building is 125 years old, and was originally a creamery. This room was the separator room, so it had a drain in the center of the floor. The plumbing had been removed at some point, however, so the drain was no longer functional or needed.

PetroGlyphs, Forest Lake, Minn., the concrete contractor, wanted to preserve the character of the floor while patching the drain and leveling out the floor. Because large patches do not hide well on stained concrete floors, the patch was made to look like a path with a stone texture. All of the texturing was done by hand, with no tools used. A random stone pattern was created using stains. The stone shapes were roughed out with masking tape, then detailed by hand with brushes. The stones at the end of the path were laid out to create a Celtic cross, and stained a different shade to help them stand out.

The rest of the floor was stained with four colors of water-based stain, and sealed with epoxy primer and chemical-resistant urethane topcoat. Two Celtic crosses and a Celtic knot were also stained onto this part of the floor. The designs were all done freehand so that they would look more natural and aged.

The project took seven working days to complete. The crew on the first day (for floor prep) was three people. After that the crew was one person.