I am a decorative concrete contractor based in Holland, MI, although people bring us all over Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Montana, etc...
This project began, as is most often the case, with a referral.  It was initially for only some vertical carving.  At the initial meeting and after going through our portfolio, the client showed a very simple sketch to me.  He had a three stall garage that he wanted to put a bathroom in and the rest a hallway with a bar and a bar along the back wall.  He had seen some of our rock work at a local business and knew he wanted to include that as a finish (108) for his project.  I brought up doing an overlay on the exiting concrete around the bar and in the bathroom and doing concrete countertops and pointed out specific examples of each.  He liked theses ideas and so I got more specific about the side panel of cast concrete and large chunks of silver coated glass positioned under lights in the ceiling.  Specifics were put on the back burner, but we were enthusiastically asked to start as soon as the plumbing was done.
The builder got to work cutting the trenches in the floor for the plumbing in the bathroom and for the bar as well.  I suggested that since they wanted us to start as quickly as we could, that they should use MG Crete to fill in the trenches so that we would not have to wait for curing of regular concrete before we were able to do the stamp able overlay (148).  I told them that the MG Crete goes fast, but didn't think they would have as much trouble as they did with filling the 1' wide trenches which resulted in us doing a significant amount of grinding (which gives off a strong ammonia odor that is very unpleasant) but I think that was the last hitch in the whole project. 

The owner turned out to be great.  One of those guys that shows tons of appreciation for everything you do while telling you to do what you think (you're the artist was the common phrase).  After the overlay, the builder built the ruff structures for both bars, after which we began rocking so to speak.  While we do the job we also create a temp. 3x5 panel to test coloring on.  For this project, we used Butterfield's stamp able overlay and also used their product, both of which I can say only great things about.  This is only for the rock formations.  We make our own countertop mixes.
During the rock work, people (friends and family) were asking the owner how we got those large rocks I there, which of course made him, and us too, feel great. (192) 
While we were doing the rocks on site, we were busy doing the countertops at the shop, except for the large piece (approx. 1000 lb.). A bar top, which we made a table for, cast on site and worked around.
We got a dehumidifier going to control the humidity that was a product of all the rock work and the look we were after was achieved.  We ended up with a large feeling of old world feel with contemporary features in the bar tops. Because of time restrictions, I was unable to do a plaster finish on the walls, which we do, and that would add to a warmer feel to the project.  I also have a net work of artisans that do things such as furniture and metal work, one of whom I connected with the client, and he designed and crafted custom bar stools, which greatly complimented the décor.
We finished the job just before Christmas of 2009, and the client has since asked us to do three more projects, one being just functional and the others decorative as well.