The Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery is an interior fit-out within existing retail space at the White Marsh Town Center north of Baltimore, Maryland. The project consisted of placing a self-leveling overlay over an extremely damaged floor, then staining and sealing within a constricted timeline to allow the restaurant to be ready for opening day.

The first thing that had to be done was the preparation of the existing 6,060 sqft concrete slab. Prior to our arrival, the GC had removed quarry tile and did a general grind of the floor. However, there remained many divots and previously unseen damage to the concrete. The team at Hyde spent two days repairing cracks, divots and other damage in preparation to place the overlay. The final step for preparation was to prime the entire surface of the concrete prior to overlay.

After two very long days of preparation, we were ready to place the overlay. The product used was DT White by CMP Specialty Products. It is a ¼" thick cement based, high strength, self-leveling, white, decorative topping. We were able to place entire floor at one time in about 2 hours with the crew separated into 3 teams. One team was batchmixing, one team was transporting the topping, and one team was gauge raking and finishing. Our teamwork is what made this such a successful project.

The next step was to stain the overlay. We used a variety of water-based dyes from Ameripolish. For color direction, the owner provided us with some general photos of a different store, but these left a lot of room for improvement. We took this opportunity to provide something special. Our first coat was a simple base brown dye. Over this we layered a few different colors using both sprayers and other mechanical application techniques to produce the final variation in the finish. After a long day of staining, we applied two coats of polyspartic sealer to the surface, with non-skid additive near the entry doors.

The floor came out looking spectacular and the owner and contractor are ecstatic with the final product! The restaurant is open and customers rave about the beauty of the floor.

We came into the project wary of the floors condition and timeline. However, we succeeded with extensive planning, teamwork, communication and determination to produce an original, vibrant floor loaded with detail and character.