From the onset of this project, challenges were aplenty. The floor, located 20 feet below street level, had moisture problems. Three layers of carpet glue had to be removed to expose the concrete. Once revealed, the slab was littered with large cracks, spalls, pour backs, and deterioration.

Grinding, repair work, grinding, adding densfier, and more grinding finally revealed a slab that was suitable for decorative concrete work.

The decorative contractor, Colour, was given artistic freedom for the design and settled on a custom compass pattern. Once the pattern was scored, the contractor used acetone dyes in 13 different colors. With the exception of the black dye, all the dyes were custom colors mixed onsite.

Once coloring was complete, the concrete floor was polished to an 800 grit. The center of the compass design was sandblasted and dyed black. Finally, the floor received two applications of stain guard treatment and was diamond polished.