When it comes to large box or warehouse concrete polishing, D&B Industrial Floor Coatings excels, capable of delivering projects exceeding 500,000 sq ft within 4-5 weeks. Now with the addition of the SAMz abrasives for our polishing process, we have been able to increase our production rates with better results and lower install costs resulting in better value for us and our clients.

Specifically, we have been fortunate to have worked with and completed projects in excess of 500,000 square feet of restorative diamond polishing for our client, Uline Corp., a premier shipping and packaging supply company with offices throughout North America. The project required commitment to quality, as Uline is a client with high quality and cleanliness standards, especially during their construction process. We were awarded the opportunity to restore an existing facility for Uline in Buford, GA and insure an existing tilt up building and floors were ready to meet Uline’s facility standards.

Work began with extensive joint repair, degreasing of the existing slab to remove old oil staining, and a wet diamond grinding to remove existing bond breakers and tire markings from the concrete. In addition, the slab had a continued sweating issue before Uline arrived, with significant vapor transmission and surface condensation occurring. The diamond polishing process could not begin until the slab was properly prepared and patching/filling was complete.

Through our wet polishing process using riding polishing equipment, D&B was able to restore the slab, removing bondbreaker, tire marks, staining, and creating a floor that looked and performed better than a new concrete slab. Our polishing was aided by the use of the SAMz diamond system, supplied by Floors by Design. The SAMz allowed significant cutting with a minimal cost. The abrasive was able to improve both our productivity and reduce our cost per sq ft for diamond useage. In addition, and most importantly, the grinding and polishing turned out with excellent gloss numbers and a transformation our client was proud of. We applied Ashford Formula, a densifier that Uline has used in most of their facilities throughout North America.

Total project duration was less than 5 weeks for a 4 man crew, which included the concrete repair, joint filling, and all polishing and densifying. Overall, the project turned out exceptionally well, and the before and after pictures tell a good story of how the floor was restored. It is not often that a client commits to caring for a floor the way Uline does. They scrub every facility in their company more than 8 hours straight per day. If your feet do not squeak, you are not on a Uline floor. We were proud to be a part of such a great transformation, and happy to have used the SAMz system, Ashford, and D&B’s wet polishing system to deliver the clients desired outcome.

Contractor: D & B Industrial Floorcoatings