The new U.S Naval Academy commissary project consisted of 32,000 square feet that originally was a 1500-grit polished finish with exposed sand aggregate. After being awarded the job, dye was added to the scope of work.

Cuviello Concrete had to deal with tight time constraints and weather conditions not conducive to the polishing process. The concrete slab consistently remained below freezing at night because the HVAC was not operational. Cuviello Concrete had to come up with means and methods to install the polyurea joint at low temperatures and get the slab and building consistently above freezing. The crew heated the polyurea up to 70° F in the company van, and made a heating blanket to go around the polyurea pump to keep the polyurea at temperature. Luckily, the crew was able to close off the building opening, and the HVAC was hooked up the day before dye had to be applied. The process was done wet up 200-grit resin to ensure silica dust was contained.

The project was very successful because the general contractor took time to understand the installation and embraced the time requirements, made flooring free and clear of obstacles, and enforced working rules upon the other trades.

"The collaboration of the general contractor and Cuviello Concrete made this project an overwhelming success."