The Village Bike Shop Specialized Bicycle Concept S-Works Store in Jenison Michigan allowed us to work to develop the most striking statement of design and function to a truly unique space.

Working with Village Bike and Specialized Bicycle Components to reuse a floor that had seen carpet and tile installed over its history. Owner was excited to see the former outline of the previous tile. We explained the relation to water vapor and the tiles masking ability that achieved this effect. Although welcomed by some, clients can be expected to either love or hate the grid pattern. In the end its how you have understood the clients expectations during the planning stages of the floors design. Stained with Scofield color storm cloud and polished to 1000 and burnished. Village Bike has been voted in the top 100 of all bicycle shops in the country for the last 10 years. We were honor to work with Village and the Designers from Specialized Bicycles.

Contractor: CPS Concrete Preparation Services