The homeowners of this project, Tracy and Mark Halbersleben, live on the California coast and spend most of their summers in Hawaii. The artist, Candace Hixon, worked closely with the couple on three bathrooms, including this one. They designed this bathroom based on two ideas: their love of water and their love of good wine.

Hixon is a Buddy Rhodes artisan, and used his products for the project, since his mix can make large tile just 5/8 inch thick. The colors used for the bathroom were Wheat and Wine. The overall size of the shower project was 14 x 3 1/2 feet.

After settling on a wave design for the wall, Hixon created a border of "concrete travertine" pencil tiles in wine, and cast hundreds of seashells using her own molds. A shell backsplash was also added to a separate double sink area.

Making the molds for the tiles was one of the project's biggest challenges, and it was almost impossible to see how the tiles would all fit together due to the project's size. Hixon often had to view her work from her second story window to get the color placement right.

After all the pieces were cast and filled, they were ground, sealed, and waxed. Each piece was carefully wrapped, transported to the master bedroom, and assembled on the floor prior to installation.