The owners wanted a home that was innovative, environmentally friendly, and the epitome of class, after living in a run-down, brick-and-tile dwelling. For 18 months, they researched and designed what would be their future home.

In early 2012, they hired Lindesay Construction Inc. as general contractor and began the process. As plans were finalized, the owners could not decide between tiles or polished concrete. Their main concern was keeping to budget, while maintaining an aesthetic appeal that worked with their innovative home design. Polished concrete was the top choice, but the owners worried about cracking and felt overwhelmed by the choices after visiting a local concrete placer’s showroom. William Lindesay, director of Lindesay Construction, contacted Polished Concrete Ltd to help guide and consult the clients.

The polishing contractor sat down with the homeowners to gain a deeper understanding of how the polished concrete floors were to be used in the house. The floors were to act as a thermal mass, helping to heat and maintain temperatures throughout the day and night. Sensors would be placed in the floor to record temperatures throughout the day and automatically open the skylight to ventilate or close the blinds to reduce sunlight exposure. They wanted the floor to be timeless and sophisticated.

After this valuable insight into the clients’ wish list, Polished Concrete advised the owners on the benefits of different systems and how to reduce potential issues, and showed them different types of concrete mixes to achieve their desired look. The contractor took them to many different diamond-polished concrete jobs around New Zealand, with the works at Christchurch Airport locking in their decision. The owner chose the Husqvarna Hiperfloor system for its benefits and guarantee, and the contractor settled on the best process and methodology and finalized the mix design, which included adding white quartz throughout.

The 1378-square-foot flooring was done in three stages over four months. A polished concrete hearth was added to accent the polished concrete floors and it came out beautifully. In November 2013, the project was completed, unveiling a home that epitomizes class and sophistication. It also positively impacts the environment while working flawlessly with the innovative home automation.

Polished Concrete Ltd. is very proud to have been involved with this project and believes this home is an influential role model in what new homes can be.