This project was completed June 4, 2009. It features GreenCrete mix design offered by CounterCrete, Van Wert, Ohio, which uses all recycled glass and a unique blend of cements. This mix used white cement and a Titanium White color from Blue Concrete. Structural reinforcement was provided with a steel and carbon fiber grid. The countertop was precast and then installed. It was ground with a grinding wheel to expose the glass aggregate in the mix, and polished to a super-smooth 3000 grit. The edges feature a cut-and-ground 3/8 round over.

Over 20 hours of polishing were recorded on this project. The countertop was then sealed with a penetrating sealer from V-Seal (102), then burnished with a hardener and sealer from V-Seal (119). The polishing brings out the sparkle of the glass, and the granite countertops surrounding the island complement it nicely. The 10-foot cantilever can accommodate seating for two, and the rounded corners create an open flow through the walking area. The countertop is 1 1/2 inches thick and measures 25 x 50 inches in area.

Even though this piece is small, it shows that concrete can be installed in an environment, and how the surrounding items can accommodate and complement it. Even though the granite complements the concrete countertop nicely, the homeowner stated upon installation that it exceeded all expectations and wished that all the countertops could been the same as the island. The project was completed in two weeks. Two workers were responsible for its fabrication and installation.