A crew of five men traveled to Chandler, Ariz., for six weeks to polish and stain 3500 square feet of concrete floors for a new night club at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino. The Casino wanted the grand opening of Airia Night Club to be on October 31, 2009. All contractors were racing to meet the dateline.

The architect called for a decorative surface with rock and glass seeded into the concrete floor. With the structural slab being in place, we decided to use Mapei M20 plus self leveling. Knowing it is a liquid material and can be mixed with aggregate or glass made it an easy decision. We tested it in our shop with a variety of aggregates and glass as well as on sloped surfaces. On the jobsite we had three ramp areas for handicap access that had to match the remaining floor areas. This proved to be a challenge to pour and finish a liquid material on a slope and get it to stay, then grind and polish the same ramp to expose the beautiful integral glass and rock. The ramp grinding had to be done by hand, due to the weight of the large polishers.

The cream, bronze and espresso colored stained concrete floors were separated by terrazzo strips set at 1/4 inch tall and curved per design to make a beautiful soft radius that accented the round bar and furnishings. After the polishing we applied acrylic urethane sealer and maintenance floor finish wax for protection.