The project features a floor that needed resurfacing and change from the previous dull, drab, and dark color. The client, Wine Chateau of Metuchen New Jersey, wanted a brighter and seamless floor, free of any trowel marks, that was artistically unique.

The solution was to use Duraamen Arapido, a sprayable concrete overlayment. Prior to application, colorant was mixed into the concrete overlay material, then while spray applying, a fine glass, marble, and iron oxide mix was broadcasted into the wet matrix. The spray on application took a mere two hours with a five-person crew to resurface 7000 square feet. The next day the floor was screened revealing the fine aggregate throughout.

The vine artwork was handdrawn with pex tubing and chalk. Then the contractor applied a special nonbleeding and bendable tape commonly used in the custom car painting industry. Next a bronze and patina pigment was blended to create a color shifting effect. Finally the project was sealed with Duraamen E32 epoxy primer and U45 water-based polyurethane.

The end result was a completely unique floor that is easy to maintain and helps distinguish the client from his competition.