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    Concrete Mixture Shrinkage Potential

    Achieving better slabs by understanding a mix's shrinkage potential.

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    Playing with Decorative Concrete

    Over 50,000 squage feet of decorative concrete coatings in a New Jersey theme park brings the outdoors in.

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    Selecting and Using Bond Coats

    Using the wrong bond coat is a major reason for failing to join two concrete surfaces.

  • Using stencils helps to create 3D images. Stencil layering makes it possible to bring colors tightly together at sharp lines.

    Working With Multilayer Stencils

    Learn how to use multilayered stencils to produce 3D images on concrete.

  • Vertical overlay concrete can be applied very thin or very thick. In either case it must bond well to the substrate, retain enough moisture to cure properly, and it mustnt sag or run

    Troubleshooting Vertical Overlays

    Learn about what can go wrong with overlay applications and what to do when it does.

  • The Gold award for Urban Arterials & Collectors was given to the 3500 South Bangerter Highway to 2700 West, Phase II project.

    ACPA Annual Excellence in Concrete Pavements

    The annual awards for Excellence in Concrete Pavement were announced by American Concrete Pavement Association.

  • Adhesives Technology Miracle Bond

    Use Miracle Bond to repair holes, spalls, and cracks in concrete.

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    Pro-Spec Level Set Deep Pour 3

    Level Set Deep Pour 3 can be poured up to 3 in. in one lift for a durable surface floor covering installation.

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    Heckman Building Products BrickVent

    Combat the effects of mold, spalling, and efflorescence with the BrickVent moisture control system.

  •  At left, an unmodified patch is easily dislodged due to a lack of hydration during curing and lack of adhesion. At right, a modified patch at 10% polymer (percent polymer by weight to cement) would not budge.

    Polymer-modified Mortars

    It helps to understand some of the basics about why polymers are added to cement formulations.

  • Increte Systems Thin-Crete Tintable Stamped Overlay Grout

    Thin-Crete Tintable Stamped Overlay Grout is an eco-friendly, single-component formula that mixes with water and is the same reliable and durable formula for rejuvenating unsightly concrete with the look of natural materials, such as stone, slate, brick, granite, and wood.

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    Deicers and Concrete

    During the winter of 2002 and 2003, western New York experienced a significant increase in scaling and spalling concrete.

  • Spalling in Parking Lots

    What causes spalling in concrete parking lots?

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    Olympic Panel Products Barrier Film

    Barrier Film premium polymeric overlay applied to dense hardwood-faced plywood and Douglas Fir inner plys creates long-lasting forms.

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    On the Level

    There is a convergence of factors that favor overlays, and the opportunities are tremendous now.

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    Installing Vertical Overlays

    Vertical overlay concrete or grout is used to complete vertical rock-work, thinset coatings on walls, stamped masonry unit patterning, free-standing art sculpting, and architectural detailing. They can be built up as much as 3 inches in thickness without sagging or slumping.

  • Somero Matson SD Joint Saver

    SD Joint Saver fixes joints and cracks that are loose, rocking, or spalled.

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    TexMaster Magic Trowel

    The Magic Trowel is a decorative concrete tool designed to smooth the surface of overlay cementitious products.

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    Avoiding Overlay Problems

    Over the next few months, interest in the next round of infrastructure repair projects could bring some much needed work to contractors who treat concrete surfaces.

  • Repair Spalling With an Overlay

    My brother has a large driveway and parking area in front of his house in eastern Washington state. The concrete surface is spalling, possibly from overuse of deicers. The concrete is a minimum of 6 inches thick with rebar. The concrete is structurally


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