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  • Home Building Costs

    How widely does the cost of home building vary from city to city?

  • Paving Record?

    What's the present record for placing highway pavement by a single crew in a single day?

  • Fireproof Vapor Barrier

    Is there such a thing as a non-combustible vapor barrier material which can be safely used in a work area where field welding is to be done?

  • First Sawed Joints

    When were pavement joints first made in the United States by sawing?

  • When to Strip Forms

    Is there a rule of thumb for determining when forms may safely be stripped on structures of various kinds?

  • Tensile Strength By Crushing

    Can the tensile strength of concrete be determined from compression testing?

  • Dry Cylinders Stronger

    Do thoroughly dry concrete cylinders test higher than wet cylinders?

  • Molasses Storage

    What treatment is recommended for the interior of concrete tanks which are to be used for the storage of molasses?