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  • Oils on Concrete

    Are all oils equally detrimental to concrete?

  • "All-In" Aggregate

    What exactly is "all-in" aggregate?

  • "Specified" Defined

    How should the word "specified" be interpreted?

  • Bubbles After Power-Troweling

    What would cause bubbles to appear shortly after a surface has been power-troweled? Could it be entrapped air escaping through the rather coarse sand matrix? We understand the fineness modulus is high and this could possibly allow the air to channel upwar

  • Painting Concrete

    We have painted the concrete floor in the kitchen of a restaurant we constructed, but the paint has worn off in the traffic areas. Please advise what we should do to this floor to give it a smooth, non-slippery, permanent wearing surface.

  • "Epoxy" or "Epoxide"

    Is there any difference between an "epoxy" and an "epoxide" resin?