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  • Value of Yield Charts

    Of what value are yield charts?

  • Class 6 Floors

    In your first installment of "Elements in Good Floor Construction" in the March 1969 issue, it is stated that "the topping should have no structural function" in Class 6 floors. Why should this statement be applicable to toppings installed monolithically

  • When to Use Vapor Barrier

    It is indicated in your publication that most floor construction is improved by including a vapor barrier. There are a number of experiences in our area that indicate the use of a vapor barrier may not be advisable. The water in a concrete slab placed on

  • Crack-Free Concrete Fill

    We would like to know what the formulation of concrete fills placed over structural slabs should be so that the installation of thin-set floor coverings such as epoxy, neoprene, acrylic, etc. will be crack-free.